Digital transformation in higher education is not only. Therefore, A solution to the common challenges of universities, it is also a change in mentality that creates. Therefore, More efficient processes in management and pedagogical experience. Discover How In this context, digital transformation supported by Information Technologies and strategic thinking is key to. Solving part of the region’s educational challenges. With only 15% of Latin American students between 24 and 29 years old completing. Their university education, it is clear that HEIs need to improve retention rates and design new. Therefore, Teaching methodologies related to the expectations of a generation that has grown up in society . of the information .

Discover How Panorama of Digital Transformation in Higher Education

Undoubtedly, higher education needs to email leads transform to overcome its challenges through the technological tools that have emerged with digital transformation. Therefore, However, according to an IDC study that analyzes the maturity of Latin American universities in the face of digital transformation, 4 out of 10 universities are digital resistant , which is why they prefer to continue with the traditional teaching system. Therefore, As you can see, the adoption of IT in the teaching-learning process is being conservative and isolated.

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Digital Marketing Drive Digital Transformation in Higher Education

We have proposed a particularly challenging CN Leads scenario for Latin American higher education institutions in society 4.0 , in which the following stand out. Therefore, The good news is that Digital Marketing is one of the sectors that has best integrated new technologies that are constantly evolving. Therefore, By applying the Inbound methodology to your HEI you will find that the common points between Marketing and education can be the solution to many of the challenges we have mentioned.

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