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If you plan all your content on an editorial calendar, you will be more efficient. 2. You reduce errors Make a spelling mistake, get the date, format wrong, etc. these are mistakes that, if you work with time, you can avoid. We all make mistakes, but the squeamish – especially the big ones – are close cousins to the haste. 3. You improve coordination if you work in a tearn.

The editorial calendar is essential to coordinate all the material when you have a team. In addition, at the agency, we share it with clients so that they know at all times what, when and how it will be published and how much time they have to send us information or profile a publication.

Anticipate key days With an editorial calendar you will focus efforts on the important days for your business. For example, if you have a management company, you will plan in advance when you have to notify your clients that the period for filing the Income Statement begins. Now, rate if you are interested in some ephemeris.

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If you have a Veterinary Clinic, you might want to sprea the word about World Animal Day.but you’re not intereste in talking about World Dress. Up Day for your pet. 5. You create meaningful content What does publishing contribute to publishin.

If you are clear about your strategy, the objective of each post, the audience you are targeting and you create content consistent Canadian Colleges Universities Email List with your brand. you have more options to get customers. An editorial calendar will help you not to waste time creating publications that do not serve your business. With it, you’ll know what content works and you’ll be able to think long term. Where can you apply the editorial calenda.

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An editorial calendar can serve you for many communication channels. We highlight three: 1. Social networks. With an editorial Cn Leads calendar you can plan the content of your social networks according to purpose, format and publication date, among others. In addition, you can include the creatives, the texts or captions, the hashtags and the accounts you have to tag.

Screenshot_Editorial calendar_social networks Example of editorial calendar created to promote Turisme Urgell networks 2. Corporate blog The editorial calendar helps you organize the topics you want to cover on your corporate blog and the publication dates. You can include links, keywords, CTA (Call To Action), featured images and delivery time.

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