Http error 404 and how to fix or customize it on your website?

You are searching for something on Google or you come across a post on social networks and. When you click on it. A “http error 404” or “File Not Found” notice appears instead of the content you were expecting to see. Has it ever happened to you too? The truth is that this is something very annoying. But, unfortunately. More common than you imagine. Coming across the notice that a page does not exist is a very common problem when browsing the Internet daily. This 404 error is both annoying for your users’ experience and harmful to your SEO . Since, in addition to wasting Google’s time. You are losing visitors to your site by not finding what they are looking for.

What is a 404 or “file not found” error?

An http error 404 or “File not Found” is the status code that your website server returns to the browser from job function email list which users are trying to access a specific URL on your domain that, for whatever problem, has not been found. could not be found and, therefore, there is no content to show the visitor. In other words since the page to which said URL leads does not exist. Because it has a broken link. Because the syntax of the URL is written incorrectly or because. Directly. this page does not exist. I insist, this problem occurs very frequently nowadays on almost any website. Without going any further. On my own blog I am currently working to try to minimize it as much as possible.

Why do these 404 errors occur when accessing a page?

 As José already explained to you in the definition. This is an HTTP status code. Which indicates that the host has been able to communicate CN Leads with the server. But that the resource that has been requested does not exist. Do you want an example? Here it is: if you try to access the URL you will find WIkipedia. Its server will almost certainly return a warning page with this HTTP code. Which we are talking about in this guide. This problem should not be confused with ” Error 500 or Web Server not found ” or other similar problems. Which indicate that a connection could not be made to the server where the domain of the website we are looking for is hosted.

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