Social Media Marketing Email Marketing

Just as important as adapting to the digital transformation in higher education is communicating the innovations you have. Social Media And for that. Therefore, Marketing on social networks and Email Marketing are excellent dissemination strategies. Taking into account that only 2.4% of universities in Latin. Therefore, America are considered digital disruptors, if you can be part of this group. Therefore, you will have a competitive advantage. This positive brand image that is generated with the permanent sharing. Therefore, of knowledge on digital channels stimulates future purchase decisions.

Virtual Tutors With Ai Social Media

The second client retention technique that we top people data are going to review is based on giving your students added value to their studies and autonomy in their learning process. For this, virtual tutors are the perfect tool. Imagine that your students have an assignment. Therefore, but a doubt delays their educational process. By using Artificial Intelligence in their educational evaluation processes. Therefore, virtual tutors can learn what students’ most common questions and errors are. By taking a less passive role, your students can study. Therefore, at their own pace, eliminating pressure and being more aware of their own mistakes.

Augmented Reality and Interactive Content

Augmented reality and interactive content allow CN Leads students to perceive and access learning with richer experiences. In the first case, when learning through an experience that mixes the physical. Therefore, world with the digital one , students pay more attention and favor the assimilation of knowledge. Therefore, Interactive content works in a similar sense. Interactive videos, ebooks, resource libraries and interactive. Therefore, Infographics are some content that you can use to capture the attention of your students and encourage their participation, commitment and learning.

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