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You can also click on the Authorize Account button to add new accounts from our app. How to use Porter Metrics add-on for Google Sheets™ Query tab The query tab allows you to make requests in natural language to our virtual analyst.

How to use Porter Metrics add-on for Google Sheets

To make a request to our virtual analyst follow the next steps: Choose a DataSource: Choose one of our available Data Sources, when you select a Data Source the  SMS Gateway Slovenia Source Users selector will be enable.

Choose a Source User: Select one of your authorize source users, when you select a Source User the Account selector will be enable. Choose an account: Select one of your accounts associated with the previously selected Source User, when you select the account the Ask field will be enabled.

Write a question: Write a question to make to our analyst and retrieve

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The data from your Data Source. Click on create report. Finally a loading screen will appear and when we get the data, we will print it into the opened sheet. How to use Porter Metrics add-on for Google Sheetsonclusion.

You no longer have to deal with the stress of analyzing data from various .csv or .xlx files and shuffling between various platforms to bring your data over to Cn Leads Google sheets. With the Portermetrics add-on, your reports are ready within a few mouse clicks. And if you want to create a report that  read by your boss. supervisor, or clients, you should try out our Google sheets report template.

The template allows you to track your budget, ad spend, and campaign results. Doing this will keep your client happy and avoid angry calls for not meeting their expectations. We have templates for each use case if you want to visualize data from various sources. It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook insights, Facebook ads, Mailchimp. or Shopify; we have a gallery of templates. Best part? All our templates are free.

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