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Skip to content How to use Porter Metrics add-on for Google Sheets™ Integrate all of your marketing channels into Google Data Studio BUILD A REPORT We’ll cover.Porter Metrics add-on for Google Sheets™ Install Porter Metrics add-on Conclusion Make your 1st report in a minute In this article, you’ll learn how to create reports on Google Sheets using the Porter Metrics add-on.


The problem most marketers face when trying to move

Their data into Google Sheets is that they have to copy and paste. This has become a pretty boring and redundant activity that needs to be reduce. Usually, your marketing data is scattered across multiple platforms etc.

Logging into each platform, finding the data you want, and exporting it to Google sheets can be time-consuming. Rather than spending time doing all of that, you can Bulk SMS Bangladesh install the Portermetrics add-on, connect to your marketing accounts, and pull the data you want directly into Google Sheets.

Porter Metrics add on for Google Sheets

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With Portermetrics, you don’t have to waste time or start from scratch visualizing your marketing data on Google Sheets after pulling data from your data sources.

You can grab our free Google Sheet template and have your reports ready in five minutes. And if you’re short of time, schedule a call with us, and we will Cn Leads  set it up for you for free. So, with that being say, let’s get straight to the business of today.

How to use the Portermetrics add-on for Google Sheets. Install Porter Metrics add-on Launch the add-on Once your Add-on is install and enabled on your Google Sheets™ document, open the Extensions menu, mouse over Porter Metrics for Google Sheets™ and click on Launch option.

How to use Porter Metrics add-on for Google Sheets™ Here you will be able to see the accounts that you have connected with Porter when you click on the dropdown arrow icon and which you can then use to make requests to our virtual analyst.

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