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Visual content makes an impact almost immediately. In an eminently digital world. it is necessary to invest time in positioning the content well on the web. In order for them to see you. they must first find you. This article is about Pinterest, a social network forgotten by some companies and which has many more benefits than you might believe at first glance.

With a good strategy, Pinterest increases traffic to your website, generates more engagement, makes it easier to obtain quality leads… Are you interested? Meet Pinterest Pinterest works like a search engine and , the purpose of Pinterest is not to connect people, but to inspire them.

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Within this network, posts (also known as pins) are groupe into thematic boards. A very intuitive way to organize content and make it more attractive and easy to find for users. The power of the image As several studies show, our brain is able to capture an image in less than a second. And the fact is that visual content is consume very quickly and causes an impact almost immediately.

Hence the success of platforms like Instagram or Pinterest. Use Pinterest One of the main advantages of Pinterest is the possibility of structuring content Fitness Spa Clubs Email List by topic. According to your interests,.you can organize the posts in different boards. Also, when you start following an can choose to follow only certain boards on the profile or follow all of them. So, if you run a graphic design business.

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you’re probably not intereste in the ‘Cooking Recipes’ or ‘Home Decor’ panel of an account, but rather the ‘Illustrator Tips’ or ‘Logo Design’. for example. In addition, you can Cn Leads place the Pinterest plug-in or extension in your browser to add pins from other pages or from your blog.You just need to click on the icon that says “Pin it” and options will appear of the images to select. click on the one you like the most and then choose where to save the pin.

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