Can you imagine being able to analyze the health status of your entire website with a single free tool? Well this is possible, with WPDoctor . The truth is that when you are an entrepreneur or a professional blogger, one of the things that takes the most time, work and headaches is the general maintenance of your own website. To have good visibility on the Internet for your business or blog, it is not enough to just create your site using WordPress and that’s it. To do this, you must also design and implement digital strategies that help you grow and stand out among your competitors. This work is a long-distance career and as such, it involves constant maintenance and analysis.

How to audit WordPress with WP Doctor?

WPDoctor an ideal solution to do a complete analysis of your website? The answer is yes, mainly because it job function email list allows a complete and quick analysis of your entire WordPress, focusing on the key aspects. That way it’s easier to optimize it later, right? So, I thought there was no one better than the creator of this fabulous tool to tell us in detail how to use it in this guest post. So, now I chat with David Noguera, a member of the Webempresa team. Let’s go there! How to audit WordPress with WP Doctor? How to Do a WordPress Audit With Wp Doctor September has arrived and with it, as always, the agendas are fuming with lists of good resolutions.

Why do you need to analyze your WordPress?

installing plugins… do these steps sound familiar to you? For sure yes. But the work isn’t over when you’re ready CN Leads to show your website to the world. In order to obtain the best performance and maintain your website in a healthy way, continuous maintenance work is necessary. Periodically analyzing the status of your WordPress and keeping it updated should be one of the mandatory tasks on your checklist, and WP Doctor is a good ally to keep you up to date in this regard. If you leave it aside, in addition to the fact that the website’s performance is likely to decline, the security risks you expose yourself to are significant. Every day new vulnerabilities appear in many plugins.

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