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Editorial calendar: What it is and why it is essential Portada_Editorial calendar: What it is and why it is essential February 1, 2022 An editorial calendar will help you focus more and stress less. Don’t be fooled. Posting a photo on social media, writing a couple of lines and adding four hashtags is not difficult.

What’s more, if you don’t mind exposing yourself, you might even gain thousands of followers based on selfies or while dancing to some of the classic songs that have come back to life thanks to TikTok. Now, beyond getting followers, do you fill the fridge by investing your time in this way.

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If not, you lack strategy. Regardless of the channel you use, if you want to communicate well, you need a strategy. And this is where the editorial calendar comes into play. What is an editorial calendar? An editorial calendar is a content planning tool. It is a guide that tells you at all times what topics you will cover, where, when and how.

It serves as much for contents of the corporate blog as for publications on social networks or for newsletters. This editorial calendar is a document that will help Holding and Investment Offices Email List you plan your commercial campaigns in advance. If you make nougat, you know that you have to promote yourself at least two months before Christmas.

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If you distribute school supplies, you have to move threads in the summer, well before the start of the school year. A road map that will help you not to fall into the Cn Leads error of Pink Washing*, and will prevent you from dancing to the sound of a popular song that is funny, but does not contribute anything to your audience.

*It is known as Pink Washing or pink washing when companies fill their mouths by supporting a specific struggle or cause, but all they want is to try to obtain greater profits and improve their brand image. In short: an editorial calendar will help you focus more and stress less.

5 benefits of creating an editorial calendar At first, you might feel a little lazy to plan all the content. However, in the long run you will thank it becauseā€¦ 1. You save time Take a photo, think of the text, choose the hashtags… Everything takes time. And on those days when inspiration doesn’t appear, it’s easy to let it be.

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