Is the Price Right? Understanding SEO Consultant Fees

 Hence we talk about profitable Is the niches, exhausted niches, competitive niches, potential niches, etc… Therefore, when we are looking for a niche to monetize, it is not enough that there is a high search volume or that it is the latest fashion: it has to be potentially profitable. The concept of profitability can also lead us to ask ourselves the following question… Keep reading Can you make a living from niches? Living off SEO for niches has great advantages: You don’t have bosses You don’t have schedules You don’t have coworkers You do not go to an office or physical workplace There is no doubt that in the middle of 2021 you can make a living from niches .

Keep reading Is the Can you make a living from niches

But not only that, you can earn a lot top industry data of money thanks to them; It gives you much more than “living”, we could say “living very well” or “living with a certain economic abundance”. However, in my experience, to achieve this it is necessary to have two virtues: focus and hard work . I managed to generate a more than decent income with niches when I applied both. Just before the arrival of Covid we were at just over €4,000 a month with the niches we had at that time, after selling a few. But we are neither unique nor special in this sense, there are people who earn much more.

Viral post that she published in B30 talking about what she earned

Juan Pérez talked in this post about CN Leads how he made a living with niches , and he is also a student of SEO warriors Mijael, who spoke a long time ago in B30 about how he and his entire family lived from SEO for niches. María Jesús in a viral post that she published in B30 talking about what she earned with Adsense And many more cases of readers. Dozens . Many of them have made several thousand euros a month with niches. After a lot of work, yes. By the way, have you already read this brutal post on nanoniches by David Prada? And currently, through SEOWarriors.

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