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Because the elearning authoring tool for EdApp is so simple, it allows for easy reiterations on the microlearning course that wouldn’t happen if it were on a different LMS. If you don’t have time to get into the nitty-gritty of creating courses, this platform also has a team that’s ready to create them for you. EdApp SCORM LMS Player In addition, EdApp incorporates a lot of peer learning.

SCORMbased course that is uploade to EdApp can benefit

From its functionalities such as Forums and Discussions in a way that the designer of the SCORM package could not have realized beforehand. Discussion Feature Sign Up For Free and Start Using the Best SCORM LMS today! 1. Tovuti Another SCORM-compliant learning system is Tovuti.

This cloud-based learning solution has most of the features you need from an LMS, including support for content-creation, interactive content, live video Local, Suburban Passenger Transport Email List conferencing, assessments, and reports. Additionally, it has a CMS that lets you host sites with your own branding.

It has a complicated pricing system

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However, that can make it hard to know where to start. Scorm LMS – Tovuti 2. Intertek Alchemy Intertek Alchemy is another SCORM-compliant LMS. It focuses on training for food manufacturers, packagers, distributors, and hospitality. Its LMS includes learning courses in compliance and safety.

While it is highly focused on specific industries, it might not appeal to those from other industries for learning and development. Scorm LMS Open Source – Intertek Cn Leads Alchemy 3. Coassemble Coassemble is a WYSIWYG LMS website that works with SCORM and focuses on having an easy-to-use course creation process. You can upload SCORM-compliant content and use their system to improve it.

This LMS platform uses a subscription-based model, but doesn’t have an easy and free way to get started with testing out the elearning authoring software. Scorm Learning Management System – Coassemble 4. Bridge Bridge is SCORM-compliant LMS with a few unique features.

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