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How to Create Charts on Data Studio Integrate all of your marketing channels into Google Data Studio BUILD A REPORT IN 2 MINUTES We’ll cover: Types of Charts Google Data Studio Chart Properties How to Add a Chart on Data Studio Adding Controls.

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Filters Visualize Your Reports With Our Templates Conclusion Frequently Asked Questions Make your 1st report in a minute We all know that visualizing data can make it easier to understand, share, and explore.

But creating the right chart for the right scenario isn’t always easy. You might not know what visual representation is most effective when working with Bulk SMS Kuwait  your data. And if you don’t have a design background, it can feel like an uphill battle to create engaging charts that help you communicate complex ideas. Thankfully, Looker Studio is here to help! This article will walk you through how to create charts on Looker Studio.

Our report templates have been proven to capture the right

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Before we start, did you know you can create marketing reports in less than 5 minutes using any of our report templates? Yeah, you read that right.  metrics to impress your clients and bosses. Best part? They are all free. So, visit our templates gallery to make your free report today. With that out, let’s learn how to create charts on Looker Studio.

Types of Charts Before we proceed, Let’s know what’s possible with Looker Studio. What kinds of charts can you truly create with Looker Studio? Let’s Cn Leads  examine them. 1. Scorecard A scorecard represents your data project’s key results, KPIs, and other metrics. It can visualize progress over time and provide a quick snapshot of key indicators.

To create a scorecard on Looker Studio, click “add a chart on your dashboard.” On the dropdown menu, click scorecard. You can easily change the dimensions or metrics you want to be visualize with scorecards. 2. Bar Chart Bar charts display data similar to graphs.

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