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Organic social Companies are now investing thousands of dollars. per month in social media due to the growth of social media over the years. While paid social media marketing is a quick way to reach your customers, organic social media is equally important in building. a community that loves your products and services.


In tracking your organic social media marketing efforts, you need to pay

Attention to engagement metrics (likes, comments, and shares) and lead generation from organic socials. 3. SEO SEO is a long-term strategy to acquire Bulk SMS Qatar customers. It’s also a simple way to put your lead-generation activities on auto-pilot. An SEO report helps you track your SEO progress and reveal areas for improvement. 4. Content & email marketing These are other types of reports marketers should prepare.

In the world of marketing, content is king. Properly attributing your content marketing activities is vital in scaling. The same goes for email marketing. Emails have been shown to give an ROI. of $44 for every $1 spent; hence, accurately tracking your email. marketing campaigns would help you maximize every dollar spent. Best Looker Studio Marketing Dashboards For Organic.  Paid Campaigns Looker Studio: Best Practices for Marketing Dashboards.

When creating reports on Looker Studio you need to follow

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A series of steps and practices to create your reports. Let’s examine each of these steps. 1. Connect all sources When you log into Looker Studio Cn Leads to create a report, you will be presented with a blank dashboard, as shown below; You must connect your data source to Looker Studio to create a report.

Without a data source, you have no dashboard. To create a Facebook ad report, you need to connect your Facebook ad data to Looker Studio. The same goes for Instagram insights, TikTok ads, LinkedIn, and other data sources. To connect your data sources to Looker Studio, you need a connector. a link between your data source and Looker Studio. Google provides 24 free connectors for its users.

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