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Maybelline’s blog or Iberia’s Me gusta volar are good examples of how to apply a content marketing strategy. As for the blog of the makeup brand Maybelline, they use this resource to educate their customers by sharing tutorials with the brand’s official makeup artist and basic tips,.

All while using their products. In the case of Iberia’s blog, it offers information about planes and airports, but it also focuses on user concerns, with many contributions to satisfy customers’ curiosity and provide information on the best vacation spots, among others. Nestl√©, for example, also makes use of content marketing through Pinterest.

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On his profile you will find countless infographics with interesting information and curiosities about the Consulting Email List brand and its products. Publications, images, infographics, videos, podcasts, presentations… Take advantage of the advantages of each of the formats and the various platforms without losing sight of the objectives and accompany the campaign with an editorial calendar to know what you have to do, when, how, where and why.

The importance of the editorial calendar The editorial calendar is the essential element for a content strategy to be successful. Likewise, it will help you in the organization and planning and will be another tool to guarantee the  constancy of the project. But why is an editorial calendar so important? Here are four reasons: 1. Content of relevance. It will help you create content specifically designed for the audience that will read it and you will have many more opportunities to get it right.

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2. You will think long term. With an editorial calendar you will know in advance which formats you will use, how your content will evolve and which Cn Leads audience you will address. 3. You will optimize time. With a reference plan you will always be one step ahead. The pace of work will be more constant and you will also have more time to generate ideas and optimize content.

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