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He Inspirational Awards 2023 reveal their shortlist: these are. Uncover Product the nominated campaigns. Fabiana Seara Written by Fabiana Seara October 6, 2023 at 11:40 SHARE. Twitter The Inspirational Awards 2023 reveal the campaigns and projects that will be eligible to win Gold, Silver and Bronze at the awards gala. The finalists who aspire to win a prize at the. Inspirational 2023 have. Already been announced . On October 19 , the 2023 Inspirational Awards Gala will take place at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid .

Grand Jury and the Online Uncover Product

IAB Spain has announced the campaigns industry email list and projects that make up the shortlist of this long-awaited edition. The members of the Grand Jury and the Online Jury have chosen, with their votes, the finalist campaigns and works that will be eligible to win the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards , in the different categories of the Inspirational Awards 2023 thanks to their contribution to the advertising industry. , in an edition that has broken a record, with a total of 287 registrations.

Awards Strategic thinking

The finalists of the 2023 Inspirational CN Leads Awards Strategic. Thinking «Have», Rosebud, Divina Seguros «Thank you, brands. MONO Madrid and Jesús Revuelta, Wallapop “Support the Supports. Friday, Oxfam Intermon «Descombinadas. Pingüino Torreblanca. MONO Madrid and Arena. Media, Correos «Map of Emotions. Ogilvy, Audi «Twingo session», Optimum Media. Direction and Proximity, Renault. Lies», Accenture Song, DGT «The rules change. Tango Agency and Yellow Brick Road, Relevo. Cybersimple», Accenture Song, BBVA . Llama», Torreblanca Penguin,

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