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The positive psychology movement places emphasis on enhancing everything that works well rather than fixing what goes wrong. And there are those who maintain that true happiness is found in the pursuit of achievement and not precisely in its achievement . In any case. It is evident that happiness involves a state of well-being that we hold in very high esteem. Now. Happiness is also evaluat on a national scale and that is what the unit nations (un) has been doing through the world happiness report that it publishes annually. Even though the data from the 2019 report has not been reveal. It is foreseeable that the countries that usually occupy these positions will continue to lead the report. Last year. Finland took first place.

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Follow by denmark. Norway. Iceland and new zealand . The top ten is complet by switzerland. Holland. Canada. Swen and australia. How did peru do? Unfortunately we are far from being a happy country . On the contrary. We are one of the saddest countries in latin america. Only ahead of honduras and venezuela. Which is descending by leaps and business database bounds in the ranking for obvious reasons. The world happiness report rates happiness bas on the variables of per capita income. Social well-being. Health and life expectancy. Social freom. Generosity and absence of corruption. It is understood then that the high levels of poverty. Inequality. Insecurity.

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Violence and corruption – prominant in the region – lead the authors of the report to point out that the countries of latin america are “unusually happy” . However. It is striking that costa rica (13th place) surpasses germany. Belgium. The unit states. The unit CN Leads kingdom and france. And that mexico. Chile. Panama. Brazil. Argentina. Guatemala and uruguay prece singapore. Spain. Italy or japan. Another indicator that the report takes into account as a reference for happiness is the intention to emigrate. Behind honduras (47%) and el salvador (42%). Peru is one of the countries where a potentially high portion of the population considers leaving: 33% .

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