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Process. 5. Add captions and overlay text Captions are critical. In the social stream the video will start playing without sound as they scroll toward it. Our goal is to slow them down and catch their attention. A silent talking head doesn’t have a lot of stopping power. We’re here to make a social mia video with text overlaid on top. The text of the captions will draw them into the content. They’re also important for

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Accessibility. screencast of me doing the iting for one of these videos. This is 4x spe so you can watch the entire 14minute iting/captioning process in about four minutes. Wave.videoOpens a new window is another super easy way to add text to a video. You business database can quickly put beautiful text animations on top of any video creating a compelling little intro and saving it to the right size for any social network. Check out this demo… 6. Export the file Save the file as an MP4 to your computer. Now you have a tiny video ad for your latest

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This is about social mia marketing for driving traffic. This article will show you how to make a tiny video commercial for your content introducing your article to CN Leads your followers in a way that drives clicks traffic and measurable results in GA4. Here’s how to make social mia videos that slow the scroll and capture clicks. What you’ll ne A shakey cell phone video isn’t what we’re going for here. That’s what everyone does. Your laptop has a camera and mic but you can do better than that. A little more effort will get you a high quality

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