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Each. Just list the key points as if you’re telling someone about it in a voicemail message. Get a little excit about it. Use your hands. Don’t make it perfect. If you feel like you mess up just pause smile and do that part again. 5. Your CTA Suggest that they click! 055 “If this sounds useful to you just click the link in the post…” “Click the link and check out the article for the full story…” “The link in this post will take you to the complete process…” 6. Thank them for watching 100 Stick the landing with a very brief sign off. It can be one simple

Word thanks.

That’s it! Now do two or three more before you get up. 3. Import size and sync Since you record the sound on the laptop the file in Camtasia is already open and ready to go. This is the easiest way to make a promotional social mia video. If you business lead record this on your phone share the raw video file with yourself to get it onto your computer then open it in Camtasia. If you us an external camera plug the SD card into your laptop copy the file onto your desktop then drop it into the open Camtasia file. You want your head to be big and center. Remember it’s social mia. On a desktop it will appear in just a small part of the browser. On mobile

The entire screen

Is small. Let your face fill around 30% of the video. And scootch it up a little so there’s room for captions and the video player controls below your face. 4. it it down iting is really just cutting out the mistakes and trimming it CN Leads down to that oneminute mark. Don’t try to make it perfect. In fact those little breaks and imperfections are a benefit. They’re call “jump cuts.” Knowing that you can clean things up in postproduction makes shooting easier. Just do it in one big take and then trim out everything but the good parts during the

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