Find the striking distance

Main goals. This setup is also perfect for Facebook live webinars or live streaming for a YouTube channel. Or just laying down the audio track for explainer videos or any animat videos. And also there are the video tools. You’ll ne some video production software Video recording and iting program Camtasia ($300) That’s cheaper in the long run than an Adobe Premiere Pro subscription which is $20/month. Of course it’s possible to do everything here with nothing more than the phone in your pocket. If you’d like to see how other

Professional social

Mia marketers do it take a look at this roundup of 27 desks of marketers. You can see the setups and equipment list of pro YouTubers virtual keynote speakers  business email list and serious podcasters. Lights… Camera… Turn your phone on silent… Action! 2. The shoot Press record on the camera and on Camtasia. You’re about to make a oneminute social mia video. Now sit back take a deep breath and… 1. Smile 000 This will be the first frame of the video 2. Introduce yourself 002 Just your name and title are fine 3. Tell the viewer what

You’re doing here

Im sharing with you an article about…” “This is just a quick video to tell you about…” “Here is a quick summary of our latest advice…” These are the seconds that are most likely to be seen in CN Leads the social stream so start with big energy punchy statements and an extra bit of body language. 4. Summarize the article 045 Quickly go through the bullet list summary of the article. It should be five points or so with a few words about

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