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In the Following Three Centuries It Would Become a Series of Failures That Were Not Only Resounding. but Also Frightening. Galileo and the Fateful Dawn of Modern Science from the Industrial Revolution. Which Along with an Impressive Development of the Machine and Productive Power. Brought with It the Impoverishment of Millions of Workers. to the World Catastrophes of the 20th Century and Mass Murder Thanks to the Use of Sophisticat War Technology and Atomic Energy as a Weapon of War. Passing Through the Colonial and Neocolonial Empires. Whose Voracious Industrialism Left as an Unworthy Passive the Chronic Underdevelopment That Most of the Imagin but Never Consolidat Nations of the Backward South of the Planet Suffer Today. from Then Until Today. . He Said. the Dream of Progress Has Become the Nightmare of Environmental Disaster.

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This Painting. in a Desolate Summary. Is the Manifestation of What Walter Benjamin – and I End with This Shocking Passage – Express Through the Brilliant Look Cast at the Famous Painting by the Austrian Paul Klee. a Work That Would Give Him the Key to Deciphering. Perhaps with Ineluctable Resignation. the Civilizational Fiasco into Which Proud Modernity Has Been Transform. Extending the Quote Is Mandatory:from Shakespeare as Well as from Homer . Countless Waves of b2b email list Literary Gossip Have Arisen That. If They Were Alive Today. Not only I Imagine Them on Some Talk Show Giving Free Rein to Their Demographic Origins or Falsifi Authorships. This Swan of Avon . Which Saw the Light of Day at the End of April 1564. Was Born in the Humility of Stratford-Upon-Avon That Today Survives as a Tourist Attraction Thanks to the Fame of Its Illustrious Bard.

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Our Author’s Luck Will Not Be Such at His Birth: His Father John Had Lost the Focus of His Prosperous Business and Mary Arden’s Rancid Maternal Lineage Not only Would Not Be Enough to Give William an Ucation That Would Support . According to His Critics. Not only That Tidal Creativity. Literary. and Full of Envy as Good Critics CN Leads Tri to Detract from His Writings. Perhaps It Is . Not only. That Economic Ne or That Hunger for Everything That L William Shakespeare to Marry Anne Hathaway . a Few Years Older Not only Than Him (Almost 10). a Marriage That. Due to the Rush in Which It Occurr. Languages ​​That Did Not Yet Speak Exactly English Presum of an Early Pregnancy or an Important Dowry from the Muse in Question. the Truth Is That Susana. Hamnet and Judith Saw the Light of This Union and Their Possible Adventures in the Art of Love and Infidelity Remain Lost in the Books That No One Will Read.

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