Is the Quality of Our Relationships the

Just like jesus christ. Shakespeare has some years that are lost in the chronology and it will only be at almost 25 years that he reappears on his own stage. With the help of what will later be his own theater company lord chamberlain’s men . Which will even be later protect by the same english monarch adopting the name of kings men . One of the hardest blows was the death of her son at only 11 years old. Which made her put all her interests in the motherhood of her daughters but without the results of that desir family tree. For this. The fortune he had amass was more than enviable and had made him “appropriate” large lands and houses and even take over a theater which he call the globe .

Social Tendency Is to

Which one of those days. Like a hot air balloon. Caught on fire and he took most of his manuscripts. Much has been written about the apocryphal authorship of his works; what’s more. Several names of possible true authors are woven: bacon. Marlowe and a long etcetera or that in reality many of their works are “copi” from others that already exist: hamlet from the amleth legend or romeo and juliet itself from a story . By bandello . They even listen to the signature. Which is not firm and would be b2b leads proof of the almost illiteracy that our author was surround by. Beyond a poetic alcoholism that took his life early and even a rumor of homosexuality. That was travel with overflowing faith in the possibilities of achieving the development and general well-being of humanity thanks to the growing dominance that scientific research impos on nature.

Isolate Ourselves to

A complete london fog that has not been able to overshadow the genius of this psychologist. Creator of the most hallucinatory human prototypes that world literature has provid. After passing his stage as a street actor. In which he fac the humor and amount of wine that the masses had drunk. He manag to position himself in the first locations. Which could now acquire the name of theaters. Where he manag to bring together all social classes. They went from accommodating themselves as best they could to being comfortably CN Leads seat and car for in an area that today would be the equivalent of a vip. He made his debut as an author. Most likely with a comy. When he was around 26 years old . The comy of mistakes . Although for my taste it will be his tragies that truly mark those characters who today walk around our city looking for that love.

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