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Video and much better results. So here’s my process for leveling up my social mia videos with just a little bit of equipment and software. 1. Set up once. Record many. It will take a little time to set things up so make the most of that time by shooting four or five of these at one time. This kind of “batch shooting” means you make the most of that good hair day and that you’re not playing with your lighting every time. If you haven’t built a DIY recording studio just set up a camera in a sunny corner of your home or office. Here’s what mine

Looks like Actually

I don’t have a phone on my desk anymore) Desk with simple video production setup Equipment list for a mini athome or office studio I’ll list the specific gear I have and the costs along with notes b2b leads and also ideas for the equipment I’d get if I was starting over today Camera Sony a6000 DSLR camera ($350) …I might get the Sony ZV1 if I was building this today Mini tripod Any of them will do ($30) Camlink Elgato ($100) …this is what tells your computer that your DSLR camera is a webcam Microphone RØDE NTUSB ($150) Boom

Light Pixel

RØDE ($100) L Video Light Panel ($100) …Ring lights are terrible. Who wants to look directly at a light? Just get a good CN Leads dimmable L panel and bounce it off a wall. Acoustic tiles ($70 each) …I have three and they make a huge difference I’ve got the tripod at a relatively close distance. I want my head to fill most of the frame. I’m facing a window so the lighting is all taken care of. Pick a spot where you can leave the mic and tripod in place. This makes the process faster making it easier to do this more often. Efficiency is one of your

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