Social mia streams are crowd fastflowing and very very competitive. As social networks pull back on organic reach showing up is hard and getting  attention is even harder. So how can you stand out on social? Marketers that go big are doing better. And the one way to go bigger than anyone else is to upgrade your content to maximum power. That’s social mia video. Social mia videos are so engaging that the networks are pushing them way to the top of social streams. Facebook Instagram and LinkIn all want us to do more in

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Format. It wins in the algorithms and in wins for attention. As a social mia marketer video is your most powerful tool. First a few quick examples… The first example here is a social mia video that drives brand awareness but doesn’t drive any traffic. Like most short videos (TikTok Instagram Stories b2b email list Facebook Reels YouTube Shorts) they are great content for social mia but they don’t typically have calls to action or links. Social mia viewers see it maybe engage then keep scrolling. The second example is a social mia video may also drive brand awareness but also drives traffic sending viewers toward your content marketing program.

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b2b email list

This is about social mia marketing for driving traffic. This article will show you how to make a tiny video commercial for your content introducing your article to CN Leads your followers in a way that drives clicks traffic and measurable results in GA4. Here’s how to make social mia videos that slow the scroll and capture clicks. What you’ll ne A shakey cell phone video isn’t what we’re going for here. That’s what everyone does. Your laptop has a camera and mic but you can do better than that. A little more effort will get you a high quality

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