The MKTG Spain agency will develop the communication of the Madrid

MKTG Spain, a leading experiences and content company, has been awarded the Madrid Video Game Campus , a project of the Madrid City Council, promoted by the Government Area of ​​Economy, Innovation and Employment, which aspires to turn the capital of Spain into world leader in the video game industry. Specifically, the Madrid City Council has awarded MKTG Spain lot 3 of the tender for the implementation of the Video Game Campus , which includes the communication and dissemination of the Campus, the creation of the Video Game Museum and the holding of events.

Responsible for the video game museum project

An expert in the creation and category email list development of experiences in which transversality. Versatility and innovation are its hallmarks, MKTG Spain will also develop the Video Game Museum project in its entirety. From its conceptualization to its execution. It is an interactive space with immersive. Disruptive experiences that will have a fixed exhibition on the history of video games. As well as temporary exhibitions where the developments of some projects will be shown. All of them can also be accessed from any corner of the world thanks to the metaverse. Where the Campus will have its own virtual headquarters. 

Boost to the video game industry in Madrid

José Ignacio Hernández, general CN Leads director of MKTG Spain. States that “being part of a project of this magnitude is quite a challenge. At the same time a source of pride. Because it will contribute to turning Madrid into a benchmark for a booming industry. Which is increasingly a more relevant role in society, from an economic, technological, innovation point of view. It is a sector in which at MKTG Spain we have a lot of experience. Specialized team that is already working 100% on this project. Applying all its expertise to ensure its success,” he says.

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