That is to say a good information architecture

In short user experience is a discipline of the digital. World that serves to plan and analyze the interaction. Between humans and devices. Now, by definition, user experience. Depends on four areas of work in digital: information architecture. Usability, accessibility and interaction design. All of these areas are equally important and correlated, so much so. That the work done in one will be reflected in the other. That is to say a good information architecture will contribute to usability. Excellent usability to accessibility and so on. Consequently, caring about information architecture means putting.

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Open the doors of the business for the audience. To interact b2b leads and participate creatively. In the creation of the message. The power of collaboration must be harnessed. By businesses to create better strategies and to increase audience engagement with companies . Shake off the digital advertising duopoly . Let’s stop reducing the world of digital advertising to facebook and google. There are many more options. Explore platforms and actions to stop depending. On that duopoly without saying that it’s a good idea to completely distance yourself from both channels. Opening yourself to new scenarios can help you find new and. Surprising actions. Reducing advertising to just two channels could be. Detrimental to business and creativity.

User experience or is one of the digital activities

Time and the only way to counteract this reality. Is to allocate CN Leads some budget for your actions. On the platform. In view of this, and in order not to waste the generally scarce marketing resources, the planning and use of those resources must be a priority task. Don’t fall into the trap of giving your money to facebook you already have a lot design austere plans, execute them cautiously and measure. Let’s internalize how to create excellent information architecture so we can design websites that are easy to consume. Understand and navigate. User experience or is one of the digital activities that receives the most attention today

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