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Social mia streams are crowd fastflowing and very very competitive. As social networks pull back on organic reach showing up is hard and getting  attention is even harder. So how can you stand out on social? Marketers that go big are doing better. And the one way to go bigger than anyone else is to upgrade your content to maximum power. That’s social mia video. Social mia videos are so engaging that the networks are pushing them way to the top of social streams. Facebook Instagram and LinkIn all want us to do more in

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Format. It wins in the algorithms and in wins for attention. As a social mia marketer video is your most powerful tool. First a few quick examples… The first example here is a social mia video that drives brand awareness but doesn’t drive any traffic. Like most short videos (TikTok Instagram Stories b2b email list Facebook Reels YouTube Shorts) they are great content for social mia but they don’t typically have calls to action or links. Social mia viewers see it maybe engage then keep scrolling. The second example is a social mia video may also drive brand awareness but also drives traffic sending viewers toward your content marketing program.

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This is about social mia marketing for driving traffic. This article will show you how to make a tiny video commercial for your content introducing your article to CN Leads your followers in a way that drives clicks traffic and measurable results in GA4. Here’s how to make social mia videos that slow the scroll and capture clicks. What you’ll ne A shakey cell phone video isn’t what we’re going for here. That’s what everyone does. Your laptop has a camera and mic but you can do better than that. A little more effort will get you a high quality

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Video and much better results. So here’s my process for leveling up my social mia videos with just a little bit of equipment and software. 1. Set up once. Record many. It will take a little time to set things up so make the most of that time by shooting four or five of these at one time. This kind of “batch shooting” means you make the most of that good hair day and that you’re not playing with your lighting every time. If you haven’t built a DIY recording studio just set up a camera in a sunny corner of your home or office. Here’s what mine

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I don’t have a phone on my desk anymore) Desk with simple video production setup Equipment list for a mini athome or office studio I’ll list the specific gear I have and the costs along with notes b2b leads and also ideas for the equipment I’d get if I was starting over today Camera Sony a6000 DSLR camera ($350) …I might get the Sony ZV1 if I was building this today Mini tripod Any of them will do ($30) Camlink Elgato ($100) …this is what tells your computer that your DSLR camera is a webcam Microphone RØDE NTUSB ($150) Boom

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RØDE ($100) L Video Light Panel ($100) …Ring lights are terrible. Who wants to look directly at a light? Just get a good CN Leads dimmable L panel and bounce it off a wall. Acoustic tiles ($70 each) …I have three and they make a huge difference I’ve got the tripod at a relatively close distance. I want my head to fill most of the frame. I’m facing a window so the lighting is all taken care of. Pick a spot where you can leave the mic and tripod in place. This makes the process faster making it easier to do this more often. Efficiency is one of your

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Main goals. This setup is also perfect for Facebook live webinars or live streaming for a YouTube channel. Or just laying down the audio track for explainer videos or any animat videos. And also there are the video tools. You’ll ne some video production software Video recording and iting program Camtasia ($300) That’s cheaper in the long run than an Adobe Premiere Pro subscription which is $20/month. Of course it’s possible to do everything here with nothing more than the phone in your pocket. If you’d like to see how other

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Mia marketers do it take a look at this roundup of 27 desks of marketers. You can see the setups and equipment list of pro YouTubers virtual keynote speakers  business email list and serious podcasters. Lights… Camera… Turn your phone on silent… Action! 2. The shoot Press record on the camera and on Camtasia. You’re about to make a oneminute social mia video. Now sit back take a deep breath and… 1. Smile 000 This will be the first frame of the video 2. Introduce yourself 002 Just your name and title are fine 3. Tell the viewer what

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Im sharing with you an article about…” “This is just a quick video to tell you about…” “Here is a quick summary of our latest advice…” These are the seconds that are most likely to be seen in CN Leads the social stream so start with big energy punchy statements and an extra bit of body language. 4. Summarize the article 045 Quickly go through the bullet list summary of the article. It should be five points or so with a few words about

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Each. Just list the key points as if you’re telling someone about it in a voicemail message. Get a little excit about it. Use your hands. Don’t make it perfect. If you feel like you mess up just pause smile and do that part again. 5. Your CTA Suggest that they click! 055 “If this sounds useful to you just click the link in the post…” “Click the link and check out the article for the full story…” “The link in this post will take you to the complete process…” 6. Thank them for watching 100 Stick the landing with a very brief sign off. It can be one simple

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That’s it! Now do two or three more before you get up. 3. Import size and sync Since you record the sound on the laptop the file in Camtasia is already open and ready to go. This is the easiest way to make a promotional social mia video. If you business lead record this on your phone share the raw video file with yourself to get it onto your computer then open it in Camtasia. If you us an external camera plug the SD card into your laptop copy the file onto your desktop then drop it into the open Camtasia file. You want your head to be big and center. Remember it’s social mia. On a desktop it will appear in just a small part of the browser. On mobile

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Is small. Let your face fill around 30% of the video. And scootch it up a little so there’s room for captions and the video player controls below your face. 4. it it down iting is really just cutting out the mistakes and trimming it CN Leads down to that oneminute mark. Don’t try to make it perfect. In fact those little breaks and imperfections are a benefit. They’re call “jump cuts.” Knowing that you can clean things up in postproduction makes shooting easier. Just do it in one big take and then trim out everything but the good parts during the

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Process. 5. Add captions and overlay text Captions are critical. In the social stream the video will start playing without sound as they scroll toward it. Our goal is to slow them down and catch their attention. A silent talking head doesn’t have a lot of stopping power. We’re here to make a social mia video with text overlaid on top. The text of the captions will draw them into the content. They’re also important for

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Accessibility. screencast of me doing the iting for one of these videos. This is 4x spe so you can watch the entire 14minute iting/captioning process in about four minutes. Wave.videoOpens a new window is another super easy way to add text to a video. You business database can quickly put beautiful text animations on top of any video creating a compelling little intro and saving it to the right size for any social network. Check out this demo… 6. Export the file Save the file as an MP4 to your computer. Now you have a tiny video ad for your latest

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This is about social mia marketing for driving traffic. This article will show you how to make a tiny video commercial for your content introducing your article to CN Leads your followers in a way that drives clicks traffic and measurable results in GA4. Here’s how to make social mia videos that slow the scroll and capture clicks. What you’ll ne A shakey cell phone video isn’t what we’re going for here. That’s what everyone does. Your laptop has a camera and mic but you can do better than that. A little more effort will get you a high quality

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The positive psychology movement places emphasis on enhancing everything that works well rather than fixing what goes wrong. And there are those who maintain that true happiness is found in the pursuit of achievement and not precisely in its achievement . In any case. It is evident that happiness involves a state of well-being that we hold in very high esteem. Now. Happiness is also evaluat on a national scale and that is what the unit nations (un) has been doing through the world happiness report that it publishes annually. Even though the data from the 2019 report has not been reveal. It is foreseeable that the countries that usually occupy these positions will continue to lead the report. Last year. Finland took first place.

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Follow by denmark. Norway. Iceland and new zealand . The top ten is complet by switzerland. Holland. Canada. Swen and australia. How did peru do? Unfortunately we are far from being a happy country . On the contrary. We are one of the saddest countries in latin america. Only ahead of honduras and venezuela. Which is descending by leaps and business database bounds in the ranking for obvious reasons. The world happiness report rates happiness bas on the variables of per capita income. Social well-being. Health and life expectancy. Social freom. Generosity and absence of corruption. It is understood then that the high levels of poverty. Inequality. Insecurity.

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Violence and corruption – prominant in the region – lead the authors of the report to point out that the countries of latin america are “unusually happy” . However. It is striking that costa rica (13th place) surpasses germany. Belgium. The unit states. The unit CN Leads kingdom and france. And that mexico. Chile. Panama. Brazil. Argentina. Guatemala and uruguay prece singapore. Spain. Italy or japan. Another indicator that the report takes into account as a reference for happiness is the intention to emigrate. Behind honduras (47%) and el salvador (42%). Peru is one of the countries where a potentially high portion of the population considers leaving: 33% .

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Training and teacher evaluation processes. The teacher induction program takes place days before the start of the academic year and is divid into 3 stages: management tools. In this stage. All the administrative areas that have some type of management or relationship with teaching work are present: academic management. Quality management. Human talent management. Academic secretariat and impressions. Technological tools. New teachers are train in the use of the virtual classroom. Use of the teaching portal and virtual libraries. Pagogical and andragogical tools. The workshops taught in this part have a pagogical and andragogical approach. Ensuring that our teachers can assume their role with both adolescents and working adult students. Before the start of classes.

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Our new teachers are train in the upn ucational model. Upn learning session model. Evaluation instruments. And management of the teacher-student relationship. During the induction program they receive basic training information that guarantees performance business lead in accordance with our academic objectives. However. Throughout the semester the continuing training program is execut. Which seeks to strengthen the basic pillars of upn teacher training. In this way we carry out our commitment to providing our students with a high-quality ucation.on the international day of happiness. A look at our global position in this matter and what we ne to do to be happy.

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This is one of those human dimensions for which giving conclusive or unique definitions is difficult. Like freom. Faith or sadness. Happiness encompasses nuances CN Leads since it implies perceptions that always have subjective components. Thus. What makes one happy does not necessarily make another happy. However. There are common denominators that allow us to understand this vital feeling. Perhaps the most sought after by human beings. Let’s start from the concept that the rae dictionary gives us: happiness is the state of pleasant spiritual and physical satisfaction. Some psychologists add that this state is due to the realization of a purpose or the achievement of a goal.

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Youth that is intoxicat with passion and is capable of whirling six lives in one fell swoop. They will no longer be montagues or capulets. But they will be quispes and mamanis. Who peruvianize that geography of verona and mantúa in a villa el salvador or comas. Not only. And after drinking rat poison in some hostel in lima. They take their own lives in the name of their love . Hamlet . That man who doubts. Not only Who gives himself over to madness which is often the best way to go unnotic in this reality and takes revenge because that is the only way to collect what is taken from us. Not only What is stolen from us. Shakespeare was a murderer. In his tragies no one is left alive . Only one who was in charge of closing the curtain and saying goodbye to that jealous extreme who blind the life of the snowy

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Desdemona in an othelic attack or that poor king lear who ends up annihilat even more by the pain he inflicts on him. See his daughters destroy by power or perhaps a macbeth who poisons himself with his own ambition. The one that makes you betray those who really lov you and you end up. Despite all your power. Dead. Because there will always be a macduff let him avenge the destinies. But. Just as he walk through tragy. He also walk through comy. Not only Where we highlight from all his titles the merchant of venice. A midsummer night’s dream. The taming of the shrew. The merry wives of windsor. Much ado about nothing walnuts. The tempest. And it is also business email list essential to cite his so-call historical dramas: richard iii. Henry viii and the sonnets that at the rhythm of alexandrians made him express those loves that were woven throughout his 51 years. Brief but intensely creative. That they give the title today of the father of the

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English language. And beyond all those shakespearean questions and julian and gregorian calendars they leave us with that author who has made his creations into beings that walk today by our side and that. Without reading them. Form part of our tragicomy that we call life.the teaching induction program that we develop at the universidad privada del norte aims to facilitate the job placement of professionals who will begin their teaching CN Leads work. This program is aim at all people select to be part of the upn academic team. The professionals chosen to be teachers have previously gone through a selection process in which they have demonstrat that they have knowlge and skills that align with our ucational model. Within the academic management and support area is the faculty development area. In charge of the selection. Induction.

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Just like jesus christ. Shakespeare has some years that are lost in the chronology and it will only be at almost 25 years that he reappears on his own stage. With the help of what will later be his own theater company lord chamberlain’s men . Which will even be later protect by the same english monarch adopting the name of kings men . One of the hardest blows was the death of her son at only 11 years old. Which made her put all her interests in the motherhood of her daughters but without the results of that desir family tree. For this. The fortune he had amass was more than enviable and had made him “appropriate” large lands and houses and even take over a theater which he call the globe .

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Which one of those days. Like a hot air balloon. Caught on fire and he took most of his manuscripts. Much has been written about the apocryphal authorship of his works; what’s more. Several names of possible true authors are woven: bacon. Marlowe and a long etcetera or that in reality many of their works are “copi” from others that already exist: hamlet from the amleth legend or romeo and juliet itself from a story . By bandello . They even listen to the signature. Which is not firm and would be b2b leads proof of the almost illiteracy that our author was surround by. Beyond a poetic alcoholism that took his life early and even a rumor of homosexuality. That was travel with overflowing faith in the possibilities of achieving the development and general well-being of humanity thanks to the growing dominance that scientific research impos on nature.

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A complete london fog that has not been able to overshadow the genius of this psychologist. Creator of the most hallucinatory human prototypes that world literature has provid. After passing his stage as a street actor. In which he fac the humor and amount of wine that the masses had drunk. He manag to position himself in the first locations. Which could now acquire the name of theaters. Where he manag to bring together all social classes. They went from accommodating themselves as best they could to being comfortably CN Leads seat and car for in an area that today would be the equivalent of a vip. He made his debut as an author. Most likely with a comy. When he was around 26 years old . The comy of mistakes . Although for my taste it will be his tragies that truly mark those characters who today walk around our city looking for that love.

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In the Following Three Centuries It Would Become a Series of Failures That Were Not Only Resounding. but Also Frightening. Galileo and the Fateful Dawn of Modern Science from the Industrial Revolution. Which Along with an Impressive Development of the Machine and Productive Power. Brought with It the Impoverishment of Millions of Workers. to the World Catastrophes of the 20th Century and Mass Murder Thanks to the Use of Sophisticat War Technology and Atomic Energy as a Weapon of War. Passing Through the Colonial and Neocolonial Empires. Whose Voracious Industrialism Left as an Unworthy Passive the Chronic Underdevelopment That Most of the Imagin but Never Consolidat Nations of the Backward South of the Planet Suffer Today. from Then Until Today. . He Said. the Dream of Progress Has Become the Nightmare of Environmental Disaster.

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This Painting. in a Desolate Summary. Is the Manifestation of What Walter Benjamin – and I End with This Shocking Passage – Express Through the Brilliant Look Cast at the Famous Painting by the Austrian Paul Klee. a Work That Would Give Him the Key to Deciphering. Perhaps with Ineluctable Resignation. the Civilizational Fiasco into Which Proud Modernity Has Been Transform. Extending the Quote Is Mandatory:from Shakespeare as Well as from Homer . Countless Waves of b2b email list Literary Gossip Have Arisen That. If They Were Alive Today. Not only I Imagine Them on Some Talk Show Giving Free Rein to Their Demographic Origins or Falsifi Authorships. This Swan of Avon . Which Saw the Light of Day at the End of April 1564. Was Born in the Humility of Stratford-Upon-Avon That Today Survives as a Tourist Attraction Thanks to the Fame of Its Illustrious Bard.

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Our Author’s Luck Will Not Be Such at His Birth: His Father John Had Lost the Focus of His Prosperous Business and Mary Arden’s Rancid Maternal Lineage Not only Would Not Be Enough to Give William an Ucation That Would Support . According to His Critics. Not only That Tidal Creativity. Literary. and Full of Envy as Good Critics CN Leads Tri to Detract from His Writings. Perhaps It Is . Not only. That Economic Ne or That Hunger for Everything That L William Shakespeare to Marry Anne Hathaway . a Few Years Older Not only Than Him (Almost 10). a Marriage That. Due to the Rush in Which It Occurr. Languages ​​That Did Not Yet Speak Exactly English Presum of an Early Pregnancy or an Important Dowry from the Muse in Question. the Truth Is That Susana. Hamnet and Judith Saw the Light of This Union and Their Possible Adventures in the Art of Love and Infidelity Remain Lost in the Books That No One Will Read.